Sunday, September 18, 2016

Post 300 - All good things ...

These 100-post milestones are always interesting to me, they allow me to think out where I'd like to go moving forward, and recap from where I've been.

Writing TestSheepNZ has been an absolute blast.  I've quickly found that I like to play around a lot with ideas whilst I write.  That means occasionally blurring the lines, moving outside of what you'd expect a software testing blog to be.

We've covered aspects of science, psychology, critical thinking, history.  I've occasionally had some grief that in doing so I've diluted the "software testing" theme.  But here's the thing, we're always approaching this material from a deeply analytical path, and always there are parallels which come right back to our 9-5 in the office.

But more than anything, the blog has put me back in touch with writing, and how much writing can take us anywhere.  And that's why I want to occasionally try something new - such as focus on critical thinking, or write a piece about Jutland or the Somme, because I want to see where it will take me.  Where it will take us.  And it always seems a journey worth taking.

Because when you're doing it right - learning and exploring are their own reward.  That's a very Feynman world view.

One problem being so prolific a writer of testing blogs though, it's almost like a weed - it somewhat strangles all the other writing I'm trying.  And so a couple of months ago, I made a tricky decision to put a line under my writing on this blog by the end of the year.

Blame Feynman.  Seriously - he took a year's sabbatical to go study something that wasn't physics, to go bring what he learned back to physics.

I'm planning to start writing an astronomy blog towards the end of the year - using a similar mix of fun.  But to make that happen, I need to stop writing about testing - for a while at least.  I've tried to get the other blog off the ground for a while, before realising the basics of agile - you can't multitask.  So I need to seriously wind down my test writing to have the bandwidth for this new project.

If you're a fan, you'll always have the new blog (hey, subscribe when it's ready, and learn something new).  We also have a few posts to go together yet, including finishing up the automation series.

Plus I've also applied to be a content creator at Ministry Of Test, so there might be occasional material there.

I hope you're as exciting about this as I am, because I'm really looking forward to trying something new.  It's an adventure!

This is the end. Beautiful friend.  The end.


  1. Managing your WIP. Very Kanban :)

    I keep meaning to write something, anything, about testing but haven't really got around to it. Too many other distractions. Your decision makes perfect sense. Have fun with the new projects, and don't forget to come back here at some point. Your content is always great


    1. Thanks Dave - I'm not saying never. Since I made the decision I've had so many ideas for posts ... but that's kind of the problem, and why test writing is strangling everything else.

      I was thinking this morning, sometimes when you want to take on something new, you have to give up something old.

      [I should really use this when I buy new clothes ... I've ended up with a couple of very full wardrobes]