Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The doors to my "school of testing" ...

This was an interesting thought experiment today on the train (it's actually based on the lobby to one of the houses at the Aerospace Centre in Farnborough).

First of all, no, I'm not setting up a school of testers ... but if I did ... the lobby would be somewhat unique.

It would have a entrance to the reception with two sets of doors leading in.  The doors to the right would say "use the other side" ... as would the doors to the left.  Randomly each morning the receptionist would unlock only one set of doors.

The doors on the left would have a sign marked "pull", but the doors would only open if you pushed.  Likewise the doors on the right would have a sign marked "push", but the doors would only open if you pulled.

Anyone who got into the reception area would be well on the way to becoming a tester.  Those who didn't get in would possibly be no major loss.  You see the only type of people who'd get in would be those who could read, but would challenge what they read.  Somehow the art of being a tester is trying to push a door that tells you to pull - most other professions within IT would put a sign on the door marked "pull" and go "but why would anyone ever want to push this door?".

Welcome to testing ...

P.S. - If this was a real school, you could post through your applications, but I'm not very sure we'd ever get the mail ... unless we set up a PO Box.

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